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I can provide full stack web development for your business or project!

Full Stack Web Development

My web apps are built with C#, JavaScript, Razor, React, Angular, Sql Server, MySQL, Firebase, FireStore, HTML5/CSS3/Bootstrap, MongoDB, AspNetCore, Express(Node JS). I am also in the process of learning GraphQL, GOLoang. I am capable of Azure and GCP cloud management, studying for Microsoft developer certification. Let's discuss how I can bring value to your full stack project!


These are some of the applications I built!

Train Scheduler App

MomentJS, JQuery based web app!

Giphy API

Fetch consumed web app!

Potato Face Game

Gapi (Google API) based web app!

LIRI Bot App

Node JS console app!

Bamazon App

MySQL Node JS console app!

Friend Finder App

Node JS, Express based web app!

Eat The Burger App

MVC, MySQL, NodeJS, Express, Handlebars and a homemade ORM!

Movie Remarks App

MVC, MySQL, NodeJS, Express, PassportJS, Handlebars and a Sequelize ORM!

Fin Snap App

MERN stack, Mongo, Express, React, Node and Auth0!


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    • Present

      I am currently working as a full stack developer and pursuing Microsoft developer certification.

    • My Experience

      U.S. Bank

      Performs technical design and development of complex application systems using existing and emerging technology platforms. Participate in some application architecture functions. Estimates and defines time tables and project tasks; analyzes and estimates cost and time.

    • Accenture

      Supported and implemented proprietary Accenture billing and customer-care application to Accenture clients. Wrote many custom applications and interfaces. Deeply involved in integration internally and with other 3rd party applications.

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    Please reach out and let me know how I can support your company, idea and or startup!